Spring, Starting Some Time in March


The most wild thing I have ever seen is the rotting sofa at the corner of Buffalo and  Windmill
Splayed wood and metal springs  /  More invested in place than I have ever been  /  Two months
of the desert


Process is not aware of me  / It is moving undetected in my chest / I imagine the flaws in my arteries / asymmetric cells / The spleen is purifying  /  one hopes  / but it really isn’t necessary


Two weeks ago I found a scorpion hiding under the towels in our house
I crushed it with a tissue  / placed it in the bathroom trash
It’s hard to think of context here  / As it all seems to overlap
My instinct tells me the scorpion does not belong  /  but it does not take up much space
In the trash / An animal is an animal  / It’s hard to go beyond
With everything pushed into itself  / Overlapping
All of it wanting its own space


by Paul Sacksteder