Abir Ibrahim


When I returned to the United States back in August from my four months of
travels, landing in JFK New York City, I stood with my checked bag, dressed in my
African attire, passport in one hand, while holding my grandmother’s prayer beads in the other, waiting for the bus to take me home. I took a deep breath allowing the city’s air to find its way back into my lungs just enough to remind me the feeling of being home.



Abir Ibrahim is a Sudanese-born writer, performer, and philanthropist who uses poetry and photography to educate, inspire and document cultures and experiences through her journey in life. Abir has shared her work at numerous venues in the United States and worldwide, including recent poetry readings in London, Tanzania, and Sudan. Her writing explores social justice, gender inequality, war, love, spirituality and personal struggles. She is currently pursing a Master’s in Public Health in Global Health at The George Washington University and will soon be departing to serve as a health Peace Corps volunteer in Africa.